• How to Clean Vector Products
  • Vector Data Validation (PDF)
  • How to set your devices for Polar Heart Rate straps and monitors
  • How to Enable Integrated Heart Rate
  • How to Enable Optical Heart Rate
  • How to run an Activity with both Indoor and Outdoor Live Tracking
  • How to Set the Encryption for Vector Devices
  • Vector Hardware Update Tool

Vector Devices

Preparing Vector Devices for a Session
Vector Device LED Behaviour (S7/G7)
Vector Device LED Behaviour (T7)
How to Check Device Battery % (S7/G7 & T7)
Charging Vector Devices with the Vector Dock (S7/G7 & T7)
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Vector Docks

Vector Dock LED Behaviour (S7/G7)
Vector Dock LED Behaviour (T7)
Vector Dock Power States (T7)
Vector Dock - Device Ignition/Quick Start Feature (S7/G7 & T7)
Charging the Vector Dock (S7/G7 & T7)
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Vector Receiver

Vector Receiver LED Behaviour
Charging the Vector Receiver
How to Connect the Vector Receiver to the Computer
Vector Stadium Receiver Hardware Overview
Setting up Multiple Vector Receivers

Vector Garments

Types of Vector Garments
Vector Vests Size Guide
Wearing and Removing Garments
Vector Garments Care Instructions
Vector Elite Vest 2.1 - Design Improvements
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