• Vector and OpenField Onboarding

Initial Setup

How to Download and Install the OpenField Console Software
Openfield Cloud Homepage
OpenField Console Tile Screen
Adding Players and Setting Bands
Setting Units of Measurement

Running a Live Session

Recording a Live Activity with Multi Receiver
How to Set Alarms on Devices - Automatic Device Turn On

Download & Editing

Training Wizard
Cloud Tagging
How to Download Devices
Graphing and Editing a Session
Activity and Period Tagging

Working Remotely with Individual Athletes

Vector Remote Athlete App - Getting Started
Setting Up Athletes for Remote Training
Vector Remote Athlete App - Capturing Live Data
Vector Remote Athlete App - Downloading and Sharing Data
Importing Files into the OpenField Console from Remote Trainings

Best Practice

Best Practice for Good Data Hygiene
Weekly Reporting Ideas
Reprocessing Velocity Bands
Applied Use of Tags