Performance Webinar Series | Ep. 5 | Paul Brice & Hannah Jowitt: Sport-specific uses of wearable data in cricket and athletics (April 2020)



  • rd



    I really appreciate you guys for such an amazing webinar with so much information on 100m and Cricket, that too during this lockdown amid COVID-19. 

    My question is for Hannah Jowitt. I am a left-arm medium-fast bowler, and it absolutely amazed me how small things are considered while enhancing the performance. As the performance metric is taken many time as the bowling speed. I wish to know if there is anything or metric which can help me or any bowler in bowling specific deliveries, like bowling a swing, cutter, etc.



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  • Kieran Howle

    Hi Rd,


    Great question. However, at present the cricket bowling algorithm developed by Catapult is primarily a workload monitoring tool. Although the algorithm measures movement within different plans of motion, specific technical skills like delivery types are not able to be quantified. 

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