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  • Jack Trotter

    Good Morning Will, 

        Is there anyway to learn and try out XOS Thundercloud Football?  I am trying to get better with the software so I can get the job I want.  They want someone with some experience using this software and I would love to get some.  


    Thank you for any help.  

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  • Will

    Afternoon Jack, thanks for your comment.

    Due to the required hardware and installation associated with Thundercloud, I am unable to set up a trial for you to use the system directly.

    However, I can direct you to our online guides which contain FAQs, common workflows, training aids etc. Please click here

    I hope that this helps and, going forward, if I come by any opportunities which help your cause, I shall point them in your direction.

    Have you tried reaching out on the ‘Jobs Board’ in the community? A post on there might trigger one of our clients who is able to give you the experience you are after.

    Good luck with the job search and if I can help further, please get in contact.

    Best wishes,


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